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Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Inspirations

BBathroom Remodel | 2020-07-02,19:01 / By admin

Luxury bathroom design is the right choice for people who wish to decorate bathroom to look more expensive and luxurious. There are some easy ideas that you can apply to increase the comfort during bathing time. The ideas below are considered as low budget since they can be done without a help from professional. Just prepare yourself and get ready to put the ideas below to your bathroom.

Firstly, color theme is considered as one of the ways to create luxurious look. White and gold can bring the bathrooms to higher level by a single click. Paint the walls in white; a pure white will be best. For some bathroom’ stuffs, choose them in gold. Finding a big mirror with gold frame could be an option. One thing to note: the frame design will affect the room decor as it is a part of accessories as well. Moreover, to increase the atmosphere of luxury bathroom design, put some other gold things for your towels’ rack, shower, faucet, even the doorknob. In addition, the bathing curtain also needs to get some improvements. You can choose satin or other shiny materials to increase the luxury feel.

Whimsical Fun Modern Bathroom Decor

Whimsical Fun Modern Bathroom Decor

Now, it is the time to look for the furniture to complete your bathroom. Don’t use gold table or gold towels as they will be too much. Grey or black furniture is better to give a balance look. Inserting a black table, black covered lamp, black towels, and black premium chair is a beautiful idea. You can also change the bathtub to other luxurious bathtubs on your choice. If you have a large bathroom, add a hanging lamp on the center. However, if you only have the small space, then put white lamps as a focal point. Just remember that creative lighting idea will make your luxury bathroom design as stunning as you want.

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