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Modern Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas for Everyone

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Bedroom is a private space where someone can finally unleash their tensions after a long tiring day. Comfort is definitely what people seek to have in their bedrooms. There is no doubt that people want to rest comfortably in their cozy bedrooms. Another pivotal aspect is its design. Bedroom design has both practical and aesthetical purpose. Modern design is definitely in rage nowadays. It offers clean and sharp look to the bedroom. There are definitely some modern contemporary bedroom design ideas that people can follow through.

Modern designs can take so many forms. Some people like simple modern bedroom ideas while the others prefer more elaborate designs. There are also people who choose to revolve their bedroom design around a certain color scheme like blue, purple, or combination of black and white. When choosing from numerous bedroom ideas modern design approaches, there are definitely some things that people need to ponder about. The first thing that people need to consider is a bedroom’s purpose, why it is designed. Once the purpose has been established, people can start designing layout and picking furniture.

Modern Master Bedroom Designs for Couples and Single Young Adults

Master bedroom is usually placed at top priority when designing a living place as it is the primary and usually biggest bedroom. Knowing for who a bedroom is designed really helps speeding up the process. Each person has different characteristics and needs that need to be accommodated. There are several modern master bedroom designs for certain category of occupants.

Designing a master bedroom for couples is definitely not easy, especially if there is not plenty of space to begin with. Modern bedroom designs for couples must take into account of two persons’ needs. As a bedroom for two means for personal belongings, people must find a way to keep their possessions well so it will not look too cluttered. One possible solution is to create built-in storage on both sides of the bed. Choosing hard-edge wooden storage or glass storage will enhance contemporary modern ambience of the bedroom.

Another important thing is to choose the right size of bed. Compact-size bed gives better sense of modernity than huge size one. Smaller size bed opens up space and gives more room to move around. Nowadays, many people choose platform bed because it is said to enhance modern ambience and also easier to work with. It is also good to add romantic touch to couple’s bedroom. Placing fresh flowers and scented candles inside the room will give that feel.

Young adults these days prefer to live in smaller place like apartment or little house. That does not mean they cannot get master bedroom that is comfortable and looking good, though. Some modern bedroom designs for young adults emphasize on utility of space and stylistic decorum. To maximize space utility in a modern bedroom, people can opt for open storages. This type of storage allows people to use enclosed part that is usually hidden from view.

Stylistic decorum is a great approach to build modern themed bedroom for young adults. Homeowner can add a rug with futuristic pattern underneath the bed. Another way is to place some wall ornaments near head rest. It can be some paintings, mirrors, and even huge letters forming motto or occupant’s name that are attached to the wall. Young adults will also benefit from having aromatherapy candles in their bedroom to help them relax during sleeping.

Modern Interior of Bedroom: Materials and Furniture

To design modern interior of bedroom people definitely need to think about materials that are going to dominate the bedroom. Glasses and granites definitely lend crisp and cold feeling. Wood gives warmness and earthy flavor to the room. After they have decided on that, then choosing appropriate furniture is going to be the next step.

Some modern house interior bedroom design really points out its glasses and granites elements. It actually gives a clean feeling to the house, although some think that it may feel a little too impersonal. People can use granite floorings instead of wooden one to achieve this crisp and modern look within the bed room. People can also put mirror or steel ornaments in certain places such as near headrest and on top of side tables.

Wood-based bedroom definitely offers more homey and cozy feeling. Even if it often feels rustic, modern wooden bedroom designs are also possible. People can either choose light or dark wood for their room. Matching the type of wood with wall color is a great way to avoid clash of colors. Light wood suits bedroom with neutral wall color such as white, light grey, and pastel yellow. It will definitely brighten the atmosphere. Dark wood can actually be paired with neutral wall color as well. By changing lighting aspect of the room, it can actually make bedroom looked earthier and rustic instead of bright.

Choosing furniture to fill the bedroom is the next important step. The most basic furniture to buy is bed and cabinet for storage. As stated previously, platform bed is a type of bed often found in modern style bedroom. Platform bed is considered more durable than other types of bed so it is worth investing in. Some platform beds are also equipped with built-in storage underneath that is definitely beneficial for bedrooms in smaller houses.

Cabinet is also an important of the bedroom. There are some points to keep in mind, though, about modern cabinet design for bedroom. Maximizing storage capacity is the most pressing issue here. People must be able to fit most of their clothes, bedroom necessities, valuable possessions, and many other things within cabinet. Adding in sliding drawers to keep smaller things like socks and even jewels will help making sure cabinet is staying tidy. Some modern cabinets even incorporate TV at its front to save some space.

Lighting is also a central point to consider when designing bedroom. It is better for bedroom to have more than one setting of light. Brighter light is used for active period like in the morning while dimmer light is used for bed time so that people will not get restless. Nowadays, modern bedroom furniture with lights is available in the market. There are platform beds equipped with LED lights so that people will not need to turn on their bedside lamps before sleeping. Lights can also be incorporated into the cabinet to give more modern vibe.

Bedroom Wall Color: Light and Dark Modern Bedroom

According to certain conditions, people can choose whether they want predominantly light or dark modern bedroom. Lighter wall color makes bedroom space seem larger, which is crucial when the space is small. If there is lots of natural light coming into the bedroom, lighter wall color suits better as it enhances luminous and somewhat clean look. Meanwhile darker shades of wall color help making bedroom look cozier. It also gives room more definition as lighter wall color often diminishes edges of the room.

White bedroom modern design is still a huge trend up to this day. It gives illusion of more spacious bedroom, since it makes corners seem seamless. With careful consideration, white color bedroom will not look one dimensional and boring. Placing soft rugs in neutral color underneath the bed will add some textural element to the bed. People can also put some white wooden ornament behind the bed to achieve that. It is also important to put lighting system that can be easily adjusted when designing white interior. That way, homeowner can maximize the presentation of their white bedroom as it looks best when it receives tons of light.

Blue modern bedroom is also a popular choice. Softer blue shades that resemble color of sea or sky give freeing vibe. In addition to make the room feels very breathable, it also offer soothing sensation. Darker shades of blue bedroom also offers relaxing feel to its occupants although it takes a bit of space openness like in the lighter shades of blue. Blue wall color has cooling tone that can be balanced by the earthiness of wooden furniture. People can also get creative by adding some pops of color like placing orange pillow case or adding some reddish wall ornaments.

Many people also find white and black modern bedroom to be interesting. This combination is really bringing balance to the bedroom. It gives minimalist but a classy look. To start, it is better that people choose white color wall painting. Ivory or stark white works best to be paired with black shades. After painting the wall people can start choosing black color furniture. It is best not to overdo with the black color. Bed for example, choose black-colored platform and bedcover but lay down some contrasting color as well for the pillow or bed sheet to give it three dimensional look. Light and dark shades of grey color furniture are also suitable to be placed inside a bedroom with black and white theme.

Luxurious and Simple Modern Bedroom Design Ideas
Each person has different preference and personality. Some want their bedroom to look luxurious and even bigger than life. Some others adore simplicity and want their bedrooms to be designed that way. There are some ideas that people can follow through to create a bedroom of their own taste.

Luxurious does not always mean expensive. While many people aspiring to have luxurious presentation of their own homes, not everyone can afford it. Here are some tips for modern luxury bedroom design that will not cost people their entire savings.

1. Upgrading Bedroom’s HardwareCabinets, bedside tables, or door knobs come in their very basic presentation when they were bought. It is actually not expensive to change these hard wares to other more visually stunning materials. People can change those into gemstones or other materials that will enhance bedroom’s look. Visiting vintage market is a way to get good quality materials in cheaper price.

2. Putting in Glamorous LightingWhile heavy chandelier can be pretty expensive, there are other alternatives that people can choose from to make glamorous lighting. Buying bedside lamps or stand lamp with glossy finish such as crystal or silver will elevate room’s glory. Bigger lamp is also considered better as it will become one of the focal points of bedroom.

3. Placing Many Pillows on Top of the BedPutting numerous pillows on top of the bed is going to give that hotel room vibe. To prevent the bed from looking overfilled, pillow pile must not be more than a quarter of bed’s length. Casing the pillows in luxurious fabrics will also add deluxe taste to the bedroom.

4. Picking Bold Ornament as CenterpieceHomeowner can place their best painting or other forms of ornaments over their headboard. It will definitely take up people’s attention when they first enter the bedroom.

5. Choosing Elegant Wall Painting or WallpaperWhite wall paint or wallpaper will definitely open up space, however it does not equate luxury. Darker color like maroon or even grey is known to add glamorous look on the bed. It is important to remember that the wall design must match internal furniture of a bedroom so that it will not fall flat.

Of course there are people who are choosing modern simple bedroom design than the elaborate one. This design is suitable for single young adults or couples who have limited space. There is also not much fuss about cleaning when it comes to a simple bedroom. However, it does not mean that it cannot look pretty.

Modern Bedroom With Eye Catching Red Fabric

Modern Bedroom With Eye Catching Red Fabric

There are some simple modern bedroom design ideas that people can easily follow. The first step is picking the bed. As stated before, platform bedroom is more durable and easier to clean. Homeowner is suggested to choose platform bed that hangs over the floor for easier cleaning and maintenance. Second step is to choose the right cupboards or cabinet. People will definitely benefit from open cabinets. It is much easier to clean and can store more things too. However, be careful to keep the insides organized so bedroom will not look messy. Adding simple ornament such like greenery is also another way to introduce freshness to simple bedroom.

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