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Toddler Beds for Boys with Car Theme Designs

BBedroom Space | 2020-07-12,12:33 / By admin

It is always nice to choose toddler beds for boys. When we are decorating a toddler bedroom, we will wonder which the suitable theme for kids. However, it will be a bit different to decorate the boy and girl bedroom. Starting from the concept, car theme would be interesting for boys. As for the toddler, a bright color is better. However, you can also pick dark color such as black or navy as an accent.

Today, you can find many toddler beds designed in unique and attractive shape. Well, a race car bed is very fun to choose. Black or blue color for toddler beds with glossy coat gives the elegant impression. There is a standard single mattress that's covered with black bed sheet. Meanwhile, the pillow cover has black and white checkered pattern. This one is complemented with rear wing to be used as headboard and shelf. On each side of the rear wing, there are mounted night lamps. It's very interesting, right?

Besides the race car shape, fire truck design is awesome toddler beds for boys as well. The important part that should be kept is the front fire truck’s design, including its doors. The top part is installed with flashing lights toy and fake hose. Moreover, the tank part is used for placing the mattress up to the front part. Like the real fire-fighting vehicle, this bed is also painted in red.

Red Sport Car Toddler Beds

Red Sport Car Toddler Beds

Furthermore, adventurous theme is suitable for toddler boy’s bedroom. You can decor the room with various landscapes. Another design for toddler bed is jeep. It is colored in green with army pattern idea. Also, it uses real jeep tires and front car signal lights. This bed has a complete design, except there is no window. Since the bed is high, it is complemented with small stair. Well, the design is not only amazing for toddler beds for boys, but for girls as well.

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