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The Right Choice of Colors and Motifs of Wall Decor for Living Room

LLiving Room Area | 2020-07-13,12:40 / By admin

Wall decor for living room becomes an essential factor to determine how comfortable the interior design for people who live in the house. In this modern era, it is undeniable that some houses are built differently depending on its functions and styles. Each part of the house for example, has its own function and style which reflects the implicitly about homeowner's characteristics.

As we know, living room is an important part that cannot be separated from the house, in which some informal communications of the family happened. The room becomes the only place in house where all the family members do their intimate activities, so this crucial room records almost every important moments of a family. Therefore, living room wall decor must be designed as comfortable as possible to make the room feel peaceful and calming.

There are some alternative ways to choose wall decor for living room without wasting your budgets, starting from the choice of colors and motifs. In order to make it looks peaceful, you may apply some neutral, bright and calming pallets like white, soft green or navy. Some darkish bright reddish colors are not applicable, because it can make the room feel stressful, gloomy or even spooky. On the other side, the bright colors will indirectly give a peaceful feeling.

Living Room Wall Decor Hanging Framed Art

Living Room Wall Decor Hanging Framed Art

Besides the use of acrylic paints, wallpapers are also applicable for living room. Try to apply ones that have soft and bright colors with simple motifs to make the room looks simple. The right choice of wallpapers is two essential factors for wall decor for living room. Talking about the wall colors, you also need to consider the furniture. The design, color and model should be adjusted with the room concept. For you who like minimalist concept, just choose modern furniture to bring the sense of simplicity and elegance.

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